Blake Brody®

In-Studio Footwear®

In-Studio Footwear® is designed to supply traction in order to prevent slips and falls, while allowing the foot, ankle, and toe to maintain their natural range of movements and sensitivity to the ground during studio activities like Pilates, barre and yoga. The result is a flexible, soft, breathable shoe with a split sole and padded arch that would provide structure without detracting from the experience in the studio. In-Studio Footwear® has been well received by the wellness industry and currently retails in spas and studios throughout the country and internationally.

Ballerina Flats for the Street

In Fall 2013, Blake Brody® launched a capsule collection of ballerina flats. Luxurious appearances, hidden performance features and advanced technical construction make the product line a natural extension of the brand and introduce a unique line of flats made for wellness onto the streets. The unique construction of Blake Brody's Fall 2013 line of ballerina flats was developed in consultation with Dr. Louis Galli, the podiatrist to the Rockettes and an expert in dance health. Together, they developed a construction that is based on a bio-mechanical assessment of the foot. The resulting product line is a luxe version of a wellness shoe.

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